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Wild Canadian Moss In A Reptile Enclosure?

Wild Canadian Moss In Reptile Enclosure?

Sep.24, 2015

I was always skeptical of using moss from the wild in beautiful British Columbia in a tropical reptile enclosure but I did some research and found many people do it! So I went out to a local National Park where no chemicals are used in the area and found some thriving moss. I packed this live moss into a clear plastic bag…My mistake, I used a bag of bread with small holes in it. Later that drive on the highway I noticed something moving in that bag…Yep. My biggest fear spiders. Don’t make the same mistake I did and invite 5 big spiders into your car that flop out of the bag and run at you while you’re strapped into a car seat. Good way to cause an accident. SO lesson learned use a bag without holes in it…Didn’t count on spiders being in moss. Anyhow, I soaked this moss trying to rid any other lingering bugs on the moss. I’ve read other people just placing the moss straight out of the wild into their enclosures.


I’m not that daring when it comes to my reptiles health or don’t want to risk an infestation of bugs. Yuck. After rinsing the moss out, I soaked it in distilled water to ‘dilute’ the chlorine in the tap water so it won’t kill the moss. I left it in a styrofoam container for the night, and placed it into my Uroplatus Sikorae’s enclosure the next day!
Three days later, the moss is doing great! No bugs to boot!