3 Egg Laying Crested Gecko

3 Egg Laying Crested Gecko

September 12, 2015

For those who are less experienced with breeding crested geckos or egg finding, crested geckos lay 2 eggs every month or every 2 months (usually only when bred). Female crested geckos have two oviducts, where they produce their 2 eggs over a few weeks. Towards the end of this (typically 2 weeks) your crested is in

gestation, you can palpate this eggs. At the beginning of their gestation if you palpate really softly you can feel the beginning of the egg, towards the end of two weeks you don’t need to apply any pressure to the abdomen and you can feel the fully developed eggs.

That being said, Harly, my 7-year-old female crested gecko, was gravid. After her coming near her third week of being gravid I was starting to get worried of her being egg bound (never experienced this before)! The day before I was about to bring her into the vecrested_gecko_3_eggst, she finally laid her eggs. Finally! I dug through her moss box and found two gorgeous white eggs…and a third yellow egg. THREE eggs! That’s a first for me or any three egg laying story I’ve experienced or read!