Our animals health is always our priority. That includes expensive vet bills if life throws something at us. If you are buying one of our animals, as a pet owner you are expected to have the same priority for the animal(s) well-being . Especially with reptiles since they completely rely on you. If we feel you do not have the same care standards as we do for our animals we have the right to refuse selling to you.

If you purchase one of our animals you are agreeing to these terms.

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Placing an animal on hold:

We allow customers to place any animal(s) on hold that they are wanting to buy. We have a hold fee of 50% of the animals price. If the buyer completes the purchase of the animal they placed on hold, this 50% deposit will be deducted off the remaining amount owing on the animal(s) (eg. if the animal being placed on hold is $100, the hold deposit will be $50 off the $100 and the remaining fee owing will be $50). However if the buyer decides to back out of purchasing the animal this 50% will NOT be refunded. We will hold animals for no longer than 3 months during shipping season (March-October) unless otherwise agreed upon with customer. If payment is not completed for any reason during the agreed upon time period, your deposit may be forfeited at our discretion. We reserve the right to deny a HOLD payment on certain items.
While we want to do everything to make customers happy, please remember that the health and well-being of an animal will always come first. We will not knowingly jeopardize the welfare of any animal(s) by shipping when it is not safe to do so. We do not offer refunds because a customer does not want to wait for an animal to be shipped safely.


We offer shipping to customers off Vancouver Island. We offer next day arrival shipping in Canada only (with the exception of Atlantic province shipments NS, NB, NL, PEI are now 2 day zones via FedEx and cannot be serviced through Reptile Express). Someone MUST be present to receive the shipment. We DO NOT currently ship any CITES species outside of Canada. We only ship with Reptile Express at this time. Shipping is at the buyers expense. Shipping funds goes towards the shipping company (Reptile Express) and not towards B.C.’s Secret Reptiles. Full Payment MUST be made minimum of two weeks prior to shipping unless discussed otherwise. This gives Reptile Express enough time to send the appropriate shipping supplies selected for each order as receiving this supplies may take up to 2 weeks. This mainly applies to larger shipment orders as we occasionally have supplies for shipping small-medium orders.
Shipping will only be scheduled if weather allows on both the sending and receiving end.

*Shipping can be stressful on reptiles. Although it is very rare (we’ve never had it happen to an animal we’ve shipped out OR any animals we’ve received) some reptiles will drop their tails as a extreme stress response. We will not be held accountable for any reptiles that have dropped their tail during shipment or offer any form of reimbursement either financially or with another animal if this happens. This is a risk the buyer accepts when paying to have animal(s) shipped to their location.* 

Payment Methods:

We accept Email Money Transfer (EMT), PayPal, cash and credit cards (charges apply for this service, see note below). All payments are to be made in Canadian dollar (CAD). Payments plans available for orders greater than $250. Full Payments MUST be made minimum of two weeks prior to shipping. Note making payment with credit card: Prices do NOT include 2.75% charge on credit card swipe purchases and a 3.5% + 15¢ charge if credit card is manually entered in. These charges will have to be taken into account before purchasing through credit card.