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Commonly asked questions:


How do you cage your animals?

wish we heard this question for frequently…Our goal is not to make a cage, rather a habitat or enclosure. It is VERY important to us that our buyers care about how their animals are treated prior to buying. Our animals are all housed in bio-active generously sized enclosure with live plants. Our first priority is the care and housing of our reptiles and amphibians. Breeding and selling is low on our priority list. Our favourite part about reptiles & amphibians is setting up their tropical enclosures! We hope our customers enjoy it as much as we do. It’s visually pleasing when setup properly as well as well as much more healthy and stimulating for the animal calling it home.

Do you ship animals?

We offer shipping to customers off Vancouver Island. We offer next day arrival shipping in Canada only (with the exception of Atlantic province shipments NS, NB, NL, PEI are now 2 day zones via FedEx and cannot be serviced through Reptile Express). Someone MUST be present to receive the shipment. We DO NOT currently ship any CITES species outside of Canada. Our animals are carefully transported in a appropriate sized carrier, generously padded and stabilized within Styrofoam. We will only ship if it is safe for the animal.  We can also arrange exportation to external countries via Reptile Express for live animals, however this excludes any CITES listed animals. Shipping is covered by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed upon between seller and buyer.

Do you allow hold deposits?

We allow customers to place any animal(s) on hold that they are wanting to buy. We have a hold fee of 50% of the animals price. If the buyer completes the purchase of the animal they placed on hold, this 50% deposit will be deducted off the remaining amount owing on the animal(s) (eg. if the animal being placed on hold is $100, the hold deposit will be $50 off the $100 and the remaining fee owing will be $50). However if the buyer decides to back out of purchasing the animal this 50% will NOT be refunded.

How do you accept payments?

We accept Email Money Transfer (EMT), PayPal, cash and credit cards (charges apply for this service, see note below). All payments are to be made in Canadian dollar (CAD). Payments plans available for orders greater than $250. Full Payments MUST be made minimum of two weeks prior to shipping. Note making payment with credit card: Prices do NOT include 2.75% charge on credit card swipe purchases and a 3.5% + 15¢ charge if credit card is manually entered in. These charges will have to be taken into account before purchasing through credit card.

Is there a health guarantee?

We do a thorough health check on all our animals regularly as is, but especially before placing up for sale. We keep record of every animals eating habits, supplementation, behavior, shedding schedule, general appearance, weight, eyes, nose, fecal testing and especially their enclosure maintenance. We pride ourselves on how thorough our standard of care for our reptiles, amphibians and their feeders. Extensive research has been invested into each individual. We are confident in the health of each animal we place up for sale and because of this we do not offer a health guarantee.