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The goal of this website is to act as a reliable database for care sheets, health information, enclosure tips, products and reptiles in Canada.  B.C.’s Secret Reptiles cares and raises many rare and endangered species. Our long term goal that there will no longer be a need to import animals from the wild. We are working to contribute to many species success in reversing declining numbers in the wild.

It is essential with these endangered species that their husbandry and care is precise.

Never will you hear us refer to our animals as a ‘collection’.

Where do we get our rare and endangered animals from?

We are dedicated to contributing towards endangered species populations in the wild. We only purchase/support breeders who have taken the time and effort to work with species in captivity. Rather than resorting to capturing them from the wild and selling them on the market, we recommend purchasing from committed breeders. It has taken us as long as 8 years to find reliable breeders and organizations for certain species that we purchase our original breeding animals from. For this reason we have invested large amount of money into the animals we purchase. These captive bred and born animals cost us easily 3x more than wild caught animals. To us it’s well worth the investment.

Supporting organizations that work with reestablishing endangered species in the wild is well worth higher price investment to us. We are contributing to that species overall existence by supporting those select breeders. Many species are approaching extinction in the wild. It’s important to support reputable breeders working with organizations like this if we want to see certain species of reptiles in existence, let alone the pet trade.

Uroplatus Phantasticus

B.C.'s_Secret_Reptiles_Canada_BC_Uroplatus_Phantasticus_Satanic_Leaf_tailed_geckoAlso known as the famous Satanic Leaf-tailed gecko, Uroplatus Phantasticus has been a dream species of ours that we have wanted to acquire for years.

Phantasticus are a huge passion for us and are by far one of our favorite species to care and raise. We have a great respect for this species.


This species is strictly endemic to Madagascar making their conservation status especially important as deforestation. Due to this we only purchase animals born in captivity. Many species including the phantasticus may rely on captive breeding projects to prolong the species existence (like it has for many other species).


The Naultinus Grayii

The New Zealand Northland Green Gecko is famous in the reptile world for the bright green base with large white spots. Being such an endangered and rare gem makes it B.C.'s_Secret_Reptiles_Canada_BC_Nalutinus_grayii_New_Zealand_Gecko_Northland_Green_rare_endangeredhard enough finding new pictures of this species let alone information about them. It’s rare for people to even see one of these animals in their lifetime! Find out more first hand knowledge and experience about this incredible species!